At OPA, we take the high school years seriously. Our hybrid model structure helps our students prepare for the rigors of college, but we are equally concerned with their heart to know and follow the Lord. So we take the time to really invest in our high school students to show them what it means to live a life committed to God’s glory.


Our high school (grades 9-12) meets Monday, Tuesday,  and Thursday each week for active classes where students learn through discussions, debates, lectures, and projects that acclimate students to college life. When students are not on campus, they are expected to study and complete homework, just like college students.

Concurrent Enrollment

Owasso Preparatory Academy strives to ensure that all students are college-ready when they graduate high school. One way in which we meet this goal is by partnering with Tulsa Community College and Colorado Christian University to offer college courses via our on-campus classes. These are considered dual credit or concurrent enrollment courses, which provide both high school and college course credit for each specific course. Course options vary by class level and teacher availability. Alternatively, students may take courses from other universities accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. OPA assists enrolled families in determining which courses will meet their particular student’s high school requirements. All high school students are provided one-on-one advising to ensure all graduation requirements are met.